Hacked by Christian Electronic Army (Julian yacoub)
Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God Hacked By PX JUlian Yacoub and Christian Takta Here Christian Electronic Army in response to kill sisters Christian Copts Dear cheese will not forget the blood of our martyrs -rab does not care about any law to govern the people by men professionals of religion ... It is not a dictator Lord interested in the hearts of people that love Him and accept Him ... He is the father of them all in August accept his son with his Holy Spirit So we know the Lord Jesus Christ -guetl Alchristeyen will not scare them but on the contrary will strengthen their faith and their adherence to the Belham neighborhood .. Force is not to kill people, but bear in human families, terrorism and the threat of murder and ugly without unwavering belief ... Faith is not the rectum, which imposes on the people presumably "horror and terror, but who Iktnyh full human will and freedom and die for .. Your work these do not serve your cause, but Tfdgm and undressing Aamantm counterfeit "Whoever believes in me, although Vsyahya Matt